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Heritage Open Days 2020
The English Heritage sponsored Open Days have been a feature of September for the last few years.  Since 2017 King James’s School has worked with the Old Almondburians’ Society to open up the school to visitors, with students from school and OAS members acting as guides. It has been a wonderful success and hundreds of people have taken advantage of the opportunity to look round the historic parts  of the school.

Unfortunately, this year we are unable to open the school up for visitors because of the coronavirus lockdown. However, we are delighted to be able to offer a comprehensive virtual tour of the School, which will enable you to visit many of the old and new parts of the School. While this will not fully replace the actual Open Day we hope it whets the appetite for a real visit next year.

Click HERE to take the virtual tour.

King James’s School and the birth of Rugby League

Each year the Heritage Weekend has a theme linked to some historic event.  This year we have chosen to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the formation of the Rugby Football League after the 1895 break with the Rugby Football Union.

One of the principal advocates for keeping Rugby an amateur sport was Rev Francis Marshall, Headmaster of Almondbury Grammar School, now King James’s School, from 1878-1896.  It was his ultimately unpopular campaign to combat what he saw as the ‘veiled professionalism’ of the game that led to the fateful breakaway meeting at the George Hotel in August 1895 that resulted in the formation of the new ‘Rugby League’.

Click HERE to read the history of the part played by Rev Francis Marshall in the Rugby Split.