King James's School
Johnny Hopton with his form in 1922
John Hopton, a graduate of Leeds University, arrived at King James’s in 1921 to teach mathematics, chemistry and biology. A thorough teacher of the old school, he often seemed strict and unyielding to younger pupils, but those who got to know him better found him a kindly, humorous man. His service to school over 98 terms - he retired in 1953 - was immeasurable.

This photograph was kindly supplied by Terry Buckley, whose father Jack Buckley appears at the end of the back row on the right. Next to him is Reg Napier, who taught Terry Buckley and and John Watson (of Temperance Seven fame) at Huddersfield School of Art (1953-1958) and subsequently became Head of the School of Art.

The pupil on the extreme left of the front row is believed to be A Lee, while the figure at the left-hand end of the middle row may be G Hooper. Assistance in identifying others would be appreciated.  
Terry Buckley

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