The Old Almondburians' Society
The Old Almondburians
For many years, The Almondburian carried a drawing on its title page showing views of the School drawn by pupils or, occasionally, by members of staff. They also appeared occasionally in other School publications. Usually executed in scraperboard or pen and ink, they provide an interesting record of how the School has changed over the years. Click on any drawing to view at full size.
An early drawing to appear in The Almondburian, this dates back to 1917.
Bradley Shaw
A view from the Art Room, showing Almondbury Church in the distance
R I Sykes (6 Sc)
A view along the back of the School
R I Sykes (6 Sc)
King James presents . . .
A view on a sunny afternoon of Fenay Quad
Brian Littlewood (4A)
An exterior view of the Library and Chemistry Lab
Brian Littlewood (5A)
The Schoolhouse
Roger Dowling (Transitus)
Fenay Quad
The new Cricket Pavilion, opened on 5th June 1958
Roger Dowling (6 Sc)
The Library and tennis courts
Brian Littlewood (Transitus)
The steps alongside the tennis courts
L Sheard (4 Alpha)
A stylized view of the 'New Entrance'
Edward Akroyd (Staff)
A distant view of the School from Farnley Line
Gavin Kane
Another view of the Schoolhouse
R I Sykes (4 Alpha)
New entrance
The old school entrance and dining room beyond
Edward Akroyd (Staff)
The main entrance gates to the School
Brian Littlewood
A farming scene:a lino cut rather than the usual pen and ink drawing
Russell Roofe (Staff)
Lino cut
The old entrance yard and kitchens
P A Haigh (5B)
The old cricket pavilion
R I Sykes (5A)
The School held an open day or 'Fair' on 1st June 1957
Roger Dowling (4 Alpha)
Old Entrance
AGS Fair
A superb study of the corridor outside the Headmaster's study
R I Sykes
Another very early drawing showing the 'Big' and the lawns
Rev Foxley Norris
Early crest
Early School crest
Artist unknown
School crest on Pageant brochure
Artist unknown
1980s crest
1980s School crest
Martyn Hicks
New crest
Later School crest
Edward Akroyd/Roger Dowling
New activities
School activities: Science
Les Holroyd
School activities
School activities: Gardening
Les Holroyd
Exercises: before and after
Les Holroyd
Interior corridor
Illuminated 'J'
A drawing of the illuminated 'J' on the School Charter was used as a Christmas Card design in the 1950s
Roger Dowling (4 Alpha)
Commemorative plate
Jenny Hinchliffe
Schoolroom window
R I Sykes