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Archive photographs
This page shows a selection of the many photographs in the archives showing the School over the past 400 years. Click on any photograph to view at full size. (For current photographs, click 'The School today').
The 'Big' in 1914
The 'new' School extensions, completed in 1939
Taylor Dyson with members of Form 3 in 1914
The School Orchestra in 1965-1966
The Cross-Country Team in 1947-8
The Staff in 1967
Aerial view of the school in 1950s
Football First XI in 1955/6
The Library around 1990
The School House interior in Crump's time
Form 6 in 1948
The ODH as a dining room
The staff in 1948
The staff in 1955
The school field in 1980
The Schoolhouse in 1985
The Schoolhouse in 1937
The school yard in 1937 (1)
The school yard in 1937 (2)
School yard in 1952
Presentation to L C Ash
Housegroup in 1917
Jack Taylor gets the boot
Four former AGS pupils in Leeds University soccer XI
Old Almondburians Soccer XI in 1949-50
The School in 1894
Rugby team in 1884
Football First XI in 1941/2
Rugby team in 1878
Tennis courts 1937
New gymnasium in 1940
Chemistry lab in 1940
Form 4L in 1940
School Scouts in 1959
Chess Club in 1959
Founders' Day in 1954
Pirates of Penzance in 1937
Physics lab in 1948
OAS Junior cricket in 2002
Football fields in 2002
Arkenley valley in 2002
Leonard Frederick Griffiths
Taylor Dyson
Harry Taylor
The Cloisters
'Youth Wants to Know' in 1957
The School in 1910 (1)
School entrance in 1910
The School in 1910 (2)
Snowballing in 1865
The 1900 Laboratories
Mrs Nowell and Miss Easther
The 'Big'
Form 3
School orchestra
Cross-Country Team
Aerial view
Football team
Library before alterations
Schoolhouse interior
Form 6 in 1948
School field
The Schoolhouse
The Schoolhouse
Big Tree yard
School yard
School yard
Jack Taylor presentation
Leeds University Soccer XI
Old Almondburians Soccer XI
The School
Rugby Team
Football Team
Rugby Team
Tennis courts
New gym
Chemistry lab
Form 4L
Chess Club
Founders' Day
Pirates of Penzance
Physics lab
Cricket field
Football field
Arkenley valley
Leonard Griffiths
Taylor Dyson
Harry Taylor
The Cloisters
Youth Wants to Know
The School in 1910
School 1910
The Laboratories
Mrs Nowell and Miss Easther