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The Old Almondburians
The Rugby Team in 1884
Like his predecessor Thomas Newton, the Rev Francis Marshall (Headmaster from 1878 to 1896) was a great rugby enthusiast who was keen to develop further the School's interest in this sport. In this photograph, Marshall poses with his 1884 team.
(Back row): Hartley Harrison; W Haigh; Henry Brownrigg; Rev F Marshall; C E LHulbert; W Taylor; Turner

(Back row): S H Barker; J E Sharman; W Jagger; H Coldwell; F Bridge; Craven Cudworth; Alf Sykes

(Middle row): R Greenwood; F W Cawood; E Withers; G H Williams; E Dickenson; E H Dawson; Boothroyd;
C Taylor; G Tinker; H Dickenson l

(Front row): J W Marshall; G W Roberts; G F Lockwood; Eddison; P Bagott

Rugby team