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The present School Song was a joint effort by 'Tich' Blackburn and Harry Gledhill and first saw light of day at the 1936 School Pageant. For many years, no formal School occasion was complete without a rousing rendition of this stirring composition. The leaflet below was produced for the benefit of those attending the 350th Anniversary commemorative dinner on 22nd November 1958.
'School Song
'School Song
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Some Old Almondburians will remember with affection the previous School Song, the words* of which were:

Hark boys hark, the early bell is calling,
Sweet and fresh, the morning air blows in.
Rise at once, the laggard is the loser
All the work is moulded by the way that you begin.

Onward, upward that's the golden rule;
Careful for the honour of the dear old school:
Upward, onward ne'er let ardour cool
Ever strive for glory of the dear old school.

Press boys press, the goal is hard to come by -
Dodge or wait, be ready for a run.
Pace needs breath, and breath will come by training,
Never take a beating 'til the day is fully won.
Onward, upward . . .

On boys on, when school is past and over
Strive 'til death for God and for the right.
Slow or quick, continue ever upwards,
Truth and honour leading to the day of perfect light.
Onward, upward . . .

*With thanks to Austin Holroyd