The Old Almondburians' Society
The Old Almondburians
The School in 1894
The number of pupils at the School had fallen to aroung 40 when this group photograph was taken in Fenay Quad in the Spring of 1894. The teacher standing on the left is the second in command James Adamson ('Penky Jim'), while the cloaked figure on the right is Herr Max Grabner who taught modern languages with Teutonic strictness.
(Back row): W Roberts; W R Jessop; E Tinker; J W Turner; Frank Milner; G H Bower; J W Goldthgorpe; Frank Smith; Alan Jessop; Holdsworth

(Third row): A Thorpe; H Whittell, T E Pearson; J Binns; G H Pratt; R Binns; J E Walker; A L B Shaw;
T Ridpath; J L Brierley; H Maffin; S Harris; W J House (classics master); W E Evans

(Second row): R Greenwood; F W Cawood; E Withers; G H Williams; E Dickenson; E H Dawson; Boothroyd;
C Taylor; G Tinker; H Dickenson l

(Front row): B S Dutton; J N Tinker; H Wadsworth; F E Kendall; A E A Buller; P R Poppleton; J Jagger

The Staff