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The Old Almondburians
Taylor Dyson in 1925
Taylor Dyson - 'the 'Gaffer' - was only 31 years of age when he took over the helm from Robert Simpson Crump in 1913. A native of Saddleworth he graduated in History at the University of Manchester and also held degrees from the Universities of London and Caen.

He joined the School at an anxious time when numbers were yet again falling, but in the following 33 successful years he guided the School through a five-fold increase in size accompanied, in 1938/9, by a major expansion in its teaching facilities.

When Taylor Dyson first came to Almondbury, the School still had boarders and he himself lived with his family in the Schoolhouse. Although he was saddened by the School's transfer to the Huddersfield Corporation in 1922 and the ending of the boarding tradition, his efforts on behalf of the School never wavered right up to the time of his retirement in 1945 to Christchurch, where he died in 1957.

Taylor Dyson
Photo: © Kirklees Image Archive (courtesy Kirklees Museums & Galleries)